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Electrostatic release (ESD) is the sudden stream of power between two electrically charged articles brought about by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. A development of electricity produced via friction can be brought about by tribocharging or by electrostatic enlistment. The ESD happens when in an unexpected way charged articles are united close or when the dielectric between them separates, frequently making an unmistakable start.

With around thirteen years of experience, SDM Technologies is engaged in a wide range of ESD related services in the electronocic industries. Built up in 2003, at Bangalore we have been successful in meeting the specific requirements of a wide range of valued customers. We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributers in the market providing our customers with the best quality products. We believe in long term relations with customers. We ensure value for money for our customers through better products and services.Our administrations incorporate Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of ESD Products like ESD Work station, Chair Conductive Powder Coated Trolley , Storage System and so forth. Our organization is resolved to keep up or surpass gauges that are requested by the best organizations in the Electronic field. We have faith in productive, reasonable and pleasant long haul associations with workers, clients and providers. We have a long list of renounced clients and some of them are ISRO Bangalore, HAL Hyderabad,BHEL Bangalore, BDL Hyderabad, Ultra Dimension Pvt Ltd., Vishakapatnam etc.